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Ionian Sea Hotel and Villas in Kefalonia is situated in the area of Kounopetra, at Akrotiri of Palliki, which was named by one of the unique geological phenomena of Kefalonia. "Kounopetra" is a massive rock on the shore that presents a constant movement. Local residents claim the rock's movement was more intense until the 1953 earthquakes. This movement is due mostly to the "disorderly" position of the rocks and to external factors (wind, sea). The area of Akrotiri ends in a little bay with a very beautiful beach.

This bay was, during the ancient times, an important naval station for commercial ships traveling to Cicely, south Italy and Malta. In this area existed the temple of Poseidon and the archaeological researches discovered a Roman mosaic portraying two dolphins and a trident (the mosaic can be found in the Archeological Museum of Argostoli).

Coins from Ancient Palli have been found with representations of rudder, dolphins and waves. The area also has very beautiful beaches, such as the beach of Kounopetra with the famous red sand (which is 100 meters far from the hotel), Vrachinari beach and Vatsa beach (those two are only 1 kilometer far from the hotel). There are, as well, some traditional taverns in the area.

Virgin mary's snakes – markopoulo
Agios gerasimos monastery
Asos castle
Monastery of kipouraioi
Ainos state park
Melissani lake cavern
Drogaratis cavern
Iakovateios library in lixouri
Archaelogical museum in argostoli

Local Products
Robola wine olive oil honey
Dairy products: feta
Foods: aliada codfish pie meat pie
Sweets: mandoles mandolato pasteli